List of modifications others have either made or talked about:


Access to firewall and instruments 


Access to forward rudder pedals and firewall through removable metal side panels


Better access to Battery    through a door    or    moving it forward


Weight distribution     tool kit and or emergency kit aft (with battery forward)


More useable fuel:    external tanks       baggage tank        strap in tank          left/right tank selection 


Upgrading wiring and location of components


Better access to flap handle              retract shoulder harness          move flap handle to wing root        electric flaps


Landing gear          more sturdy early leg design      Roberts cub style    and big wheels     more rugged tail spring/ tail wheel


Weight reduction     drop some fiberglass parts: wing tips, boot cowl,    no left door


Performance enhancement:     Milloway wing tips,   Vortex Generators      80 to 95hp xtra pistons      Variable pitch props


Comfort     enhanced, custom seat cushions,      Tinted glass


Utility:        Sliding side windows,              Plexiglas panel in lower door     vertical instrument panel  

 Larger baggage compartment/ solid side/bottom    Ski tube


Pre-formed Plexiglas windshield


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