Moving Ski Plane without wheels



My problem in the winter is getting the plane turned around and backed into the hangar. It is a back breaking job even with an S7 and requires snow shoveled into the hangar to reduce friction.


This addition to my front end loader is a better alternative.


Version 1:



Because the bucket is almost as wide as the lifting frame and the ski cables angle inward, it is a little fiddly getting it lined up and clear of the cables.Once it is carrying the plane, however, the tractor easily maneuvers it with the castoring tailwheel. Itís like having a long pointer out in front.Now, swinging the plane around puts no stress on the gear and it is easily moved into the hangar and set on the raised planks (to get it above the tractor parking spot and to make it easier to walk around. Idea from David MacRae).



The tail is raised with a pulley/ratchet system.

Maybe plastic and side rails on the planks would allow sliding it off manually.


Version 2 uses a different attachment on the tractor and the end brackets have longer vertical guides:


While this did the job, if the tractor wasnít lined up just right it could take a few minutes to put the end brackets on and get the retaining pins in. What Iíd wanted were end brackets that were self aligning with no removable pins to insert.


Here is version 3 which is much better. The end brackets stay on the red shaft but just slide in to the center to clear the cables. Set screws hold them in position:



Here is the latest version with over 80 lbs removed and the width reduced so it fits between the cables easier::



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