RANS S-7 Courier




Just who is this Peter Cowan anyway??

(He knows a little about the S-7 but not much about web page design!)



Rans has been producing the S7 for  well over twenty years. The S7 that they offer today is only vaguely similar to the one they offered in 1985. If you are new to the S7 and thinking of buying one then you really should take the time to learn about all the ways it has changed in those years. There are several different models and dozens of changes, many of which are not even visible.


Just how many models of the S7 are there???  I say 5        


Which one is legal on floats in Canada?


What are the differences in flying characteristics between the models?


Engineering Changes over the years


What is going on with the C of G range???


Rear seat solo??                                                Serendipity


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