IGNU Survives Surgery


Reprinted from the New Ontario Journal of Medicine


(With apologies to Brian Olofsson and other real doctors out there as well as the “parents” of IGNU)



A ten year old Rans S7 this week survived major surgery to correct several age related health issues, birth defects and a minor genetic problem.  The birth defects were mostly neurologically related as well as vascular temperature control problems. The operations took over two weeks but the patient is now totally recovered and in excellent health with none of the previous symptoms.


Over the past 10 years evolution has pretty much eliminated these neurological issues on new born S7S’s but the genetic problem that results in an extraneous, appendix like part that is easily removed continues even today.  Since this part rarely causes other symptoms most people just leave it alone.


Even today, most S7S’s are born with limitations in their vascular temperature control systems but many parents use readily available appliances to enable their offspring to control the symptoms and lead long trouble free lives. There is hope that one day soon “our Maker” will cause even these anomalies to disappear making the S7S an almost perfect specimen and a modern day evolutionary marvel.


One interesting aspect of the operation was the difficulty in accessing most of the parts that needed replacement. The surgeons had to open up the body in ways not previously tackled for this kind of correction. Rather than use staples to encourage the wound to heal over as is usually the case, they used techniques that will facilitate any future access to these parts of the body. These changes alone will dramatically reduce the time required for any future adjustments.


Details of the specific symptoms and the corrections follow.


Here are the age related problems that were repaired.


This is a description of the techniques that allow future access to the body  and to other parts of the central nervous system.


Click for a list of all the surgical changes.


This section describes the extraneous appendage that was removed.


In this section are details of the neurological updates


Finally the appliances added to control temperatures of the vascular system ,

       the body and the interior cavities.


To fully understand how the current offspring differ from older children, you can see all of their differences here.


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