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                                                                                                                             2013/02/23                                                                                                           Peter Cowan

Just who is this Peter Cowan anyway??

                                                                                                                                                                (He knows a little about the S-7 but not much about web page design!)

                                  Ferry Flight  Ca to ON        KLFC                                   Early S-7S    for sale




Just how many models of the S7 are there???  I say 5         more 2012/03/30

Which one is legal on floats in Canada?

What are the differences in flying characteristics between the models?

Engineering Changes over the years

What is going on with the C of G range???

IGNU Survives Surgery

Angle of Attack instrument


Float Sizing    Float Rigging     Float Geometry Background

Full Lotus 1450 issues

Simple Gear leg Socket Fix                    new   2012/01/10

S-7 Assembly Topics(all)    Electrical    Battery Access Hatch

Panel and firewall accessibility              update 2012/04/06

What one excellent builder did                                                   scroll down for more 

S-7/912 Cooling issues      Thermostats and Cabin Heat       Engine pre-heat    more  2013/01/22   

Fuel System Modifications

                       External Fuel Tanks            Ski Plane Lift            Rear Seat Solo?            Round Tail Ski???   2013/02/22

Rotax 912 crankshaft failure                                    2012/08/16


S7 in TV series                                    

  Serendipity and the S-7

Viking/Honda in an S-7S?                                                                                                      


  80 hp S-7 takeoff on wheels                              80 hp S7 on Lotus 1260         

                                    100 hp S-7S on Murphy 1500 

                                    80 hp short tail on 1350

                                         1350 Landing                                    

                                        100 hp S-7S  landing 1500            

                                                  S7S  Flight into Northey’s Bay Stoney Lake                                     Homebuilt 170/180hp for sale on floats


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